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We offer rehabilitation tailored to your laminitic or metabolic horse’s individual needs. Storybrooke Farms has teamed with Indigo Ancestral Health to offer a one-of-a-kind facility where the focus is on species appropriate, whole foods nutrition, lifestyle, and biomechanics to help guide horses toward optimal health of both mind and body. We work directly with local veterinarians to provide the best of conventional and holistic modalities, as well as innovative farriers, to develop a therapeutic program that fits the bio-individual requirements of your horse.


Our nutrition based rehabilitation program was selectively designed to accelerate your horse’s healing while fueling their body to regain and maintain optimal health. Our physical therapy program emphasizes using the horse's natural biomechanics to increase stamina and strength, slowly and correctly, in order to increase long-term soundness. Our wellness team is well versed in all aspects of equine health and is dedicated to exceptional care for each horse in the program. 


Whether your needs are laminitis or metabolic management, to heal from chronic ulcers, allergies, lameness, Lyme disease, lay-up post injury or surgery, let down after a competitive season our program can help you get the results that are essential to you and your horse. 

Space is limited.  Please contact for availability.


We are the only program in Virginia offering a species appropriate, nutrition based, integrative approach to management and rehabilitation of equids with laminitis and metabolic disorders.


Our ten acre facility boasts a 1/4 mile track system, 2 dry lots, eight 12'x12' stalls, one 12' x 16' lay-up stall, and a 100' x 200' grass arena. We are located halfway between Culpeper and Warrenton in the heart of Fauquier County, Virginia. 

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